Working with Ascendancy I.M.

Who handles my marketing, exactly?

  • Every client works with a dedicated Account Manager. That Account Manager handles all of their accounts, brainstorms new strategies to maximize effectiveness, oversees and checks the quality of all of the work and content produced to be distributed through online channels, runs reports, and maintains active communication.

How do you differ from other firms?

  • Ascendancy I.M. has a special inside approach into marketing specifically for employment agencies. Our team includes 15+ years experience as a local staffing business owner, 15+ years working in every position within a staffing agency, 9+ years experience successfully providing online marketing services to many businesses across the United States and Canada, as well as a successful proven track record fulfilling employment-targeted social media strategies for more than 6 years.This gives us the ability to incorporate our knowledge and understanding of the needs for recruiting employees from the inside out and apply it to our knowledge of online marketing practices.

How do you 'Grow' my Social Media?

  • We’ve learned that there is a number of ways to accumulate growth on social media. However, we mix a combination of advertising strategies with our previous knowledge gained through the extensive experience of the staffing recruitment process, which has enabled us to target the content your audiences are interested in and drive engagement (liking, commenting, following, etc.) to accumulate relevant and engaged followers.

How long are your contracts?

  • 6 months (minimum). When it comes to Internet Marketing, massive results don’t typically happen in one month. In fact, the first month is usually a combination of creating strategies, setting up accounts, gathering all information and content needed from the client, preparing that content, and getting things off the ground.

We’ve learned that the ‘magic number’ of months it takes to get results and calculate ROI of a campaign is 6 months. After that, you are free to prolong your contract based on 6-month increments.

Side-note: The 6 months are a commitment, not an ‘all up-front’ payment. Billing is monthly. After the 6 month commitment is fulfilled, we must have a 30 day written notice of cancellation if you wish to discontinue our services.

How does your pricing work?

  • Our pricing is custom-tailored to meet your needs. We offer a variety of different service options and bundle packages including services such as Social Media Marketing, Local Search Marketing (formerly Search Engine Marketing or SEO), Reputation Management and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Typically, we encourage all clients to sign up for our “Platinum Package” which includes Social Media Marketing, Local Search Marketing, Reputation Management, and Website Design/Development services. This Package provides clients with a huge advantage over (most) of their competition within their local market and builds an online presence that is professionally flattering, top-of-mind for those in need of your services, and become unsurpassed in your local market.

Other Questions

Are you hiring?

  • Our small team is growing at a rapid rate with a mass amount of opportunity to begin a career in the marketing & advertising industry. We seek passionate, eager people looking to help businesses grow & make a difference in the world.


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