“In the process of updating our website, I had the opportunity of collaborating with Judson and would like to relate that he was excellent in listening to our needs and very supportive in following up. He stated a couple of times that he was here to support our needs at any time. I was very impressed and thank you for this professional support. You have a great employee in Judson that understands the value of exceptional service.”
– Rodney Moore, Express Employment Professionals of Alpharetta, GA

“Ascendancy IM did a fantastic job building up and localizing the websites for my Oxnard and Thousand Oaks offices. Their marketing experience really shows with their quality work. Ascendancy has also really helped us stand out by boosting our rankings and online reputation. They have a high level of understanding of my business, so working with them has been very easy. I highly recommend these guys!”
– Neil McMillan, Express Employment Professionals of Oxnard & Thousand Oaks, CA

“Ascendancy has made an immediate impact on our sales by managing our SEO needs. Within 30 days of taking over the SEO support, our incoming calls from prospective clients have more than tripled, and we had our largest year for client growth since we opened our business.”
– Julie Tate, Express Healthcare Professionals of Portland, OR & Phoenix, AZ (Central)

“Ascendancy has been a critical partner in elevating our online marketing and reputation. Our microsites, social media, and review ratings are now top notch and consistently updated with timely, localized content that has created a true foundation for growth within the new age of marketing. They allow our team to focus on what we do best, sales and recruiting!
– Michelle VanSlyke, Express Employment Professionals & Specialized Recruiting Group, an Express Employment Professionals Company

“We are getting a significant number of new clients that are calling us this year versus our sales manager calling on them. We seem to be keeping a steady flow of applicants coming in the door this year with little outreach by our recruiting team– even though the market is so competitive. All of the other staffing companies are having big problems with this so I believe Ascendancy I.M. is a big contributor to our success in keeping up with the market this year.”
– Kelly Rosso, Express Employment Professionals of Kent, WA

“The services provided by the Ascendancy I.M. team have resulted in higher call volumes, increased website traffic and increased local visibility. Ascendancy I.M.’s dedication to service excellence is very evident.”
– Chris Menard, Express Employment Professionals of London, ON

“Our call volumes have increased significantly and our website traffic has doubled as a result of the Ascendancy I.M. team’s efforts. They are proactive, customer service oriented, and very professional. We are seeing a return on our investment and we expect that to grow!”
– Chris Greenberg, Express Employment Professionals of Grand Forks, ND, Aberdeen, & Watertown, SD

I cannot say enough about Cassandra Bishop and the Ascendancy I.M. team. Casandra has been our Project Manager, aiding in the management of Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Media with the Express Employment Office in London, Ontario. Even with the time change and the distance, it is like she is sitting in the office next to mine. She has been SO GREAT – beyond great. She is always accommodating to our requests and creative in her approach when thrown an idea in it’s baby stages. She is tentative, reliable and an essential part of our team at Express. A+ to Her!! I just wanted to take the time write a quick note and thank you giving me such an incredible Project Manager in working with during my experience working with Ascendancy I.M.!
– Krystie Haire, Express Employment Professionals of London, ON

The Ascendancy I.M. Team has played a huge role in expanding our brand and awareness to our community through multiple social media outlets that we were not actively engaged in using. It is comforting to have an expert resource in an ever evolving arena that I am still attempting to understand. THANK YOU!!!
– Brian Ballard, Express Employment Professionals of Ocala, FL

FYI, we’ve had 3 new prospect clients call this week due to our Google Reviews and our SEO success. Thank you, Ascendancy I.M.!
– Doug Anthony, Express Employment Professionals of Logan, UT

I have been working closely with Cassandra Bishop for our new marketing focus and I wanted to let you know how amazing her service has been. Cassandra is prompt in her responses and anything I have asked to be changed is literally done before I can even blink. She is professional, polite and very easy to work with. When going into this agreement our President informed Ascendancy that we know there may be hiccups during the set up process, however it’s how quickly they respond and your level of service that we will be focused on…Cassandra and Ascendancy have more than delivered and we are thrilled to be working with you! Thank you for elevating our brand to the next level, it’s been exciting to see the progress in the short amount of time we’ve been working together.
– Lisa Monfils, Express Employment Professionals of Gresham, OR

We’ve been using Ascendancy I.M. for the last 3 years and they are great in their Social Media Marketing services. If you want to be successful – use the Ascendancy I.M. Team.
– CJ Marcello, Express Employment Professionals of Lakeland, FL

“The Ascendancy I.M. team has provided exemplary social media and website maintenance services for our business, and our media/internet presence and visibility have increased a hundred fold. The Ascendancy team is highly competent and diligent in not only keeping the sites up to date, they have taken our internet presence to unprecedented levels due to their creative and innovative skills and experience. Their services are a great value for both start-ups and well-established businesses alike. I highly recommend Ascendancy I.M!”
– Steve Merck, Express Employment Professionals of Houston, TX (West)

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Ascendancy I.M. team on getting our business up to speed on our social media and branding platforms. They have been so responsive and helpful as well as not making me feel dumb for asking so many questions. I would highly recommend this professional and creative source to any business who does not have the time or resources to learn how to compete in a highly social media driven society. Thank you Ascendancy, I look forward to seeing my business boom with your assistance!”
– Desirae Noonan, Express Employment Professionals of Tempe, AZ

“We attribute our increase in traffic and volume of candidates and prospects finding us through Google to the work that Ascendancy has put in! They do a great job of focusing on getting our Express Seattle office to the top of the list in a variety of google searches, which is a game-changer for us and especially important in a highly competitive market.”
– Eileen Kannengeiser, Express Employment Professionals of Seattle, WA

“Ascendancy IM has been the best marketing investment for both our California offices. Not only do they really understand the industry, but they are highly trained and knowledgeable in the digital world of marketing . As many of us already know, digital marketing and managing content on our CSM micro sites can be a full time job, and extremely time consuming. We trust them to optimize our services and business. In addition, they manage all of our social media platforms, graphics, and closely monitor both positive and negative reviews through their reputational marketing division. In most instances they have turned bad reviews into positive ones through managed responses. Our landing page alone has brought in 5 new clients requesting associates predominately in Office Services.”
– Heather Sharp, Express Employment Professionals of Redding & Yreka, CA

Here at Ascendancy I.M., we are known for going above and beyond expectations to make our clients satisfied and provide insight, advice and assistance in helping them meet their needs and goals for their online marketing strategy. Have you had a great experience with Ascendancy I.M., success with our services, or one of our team members? We value your feedback and would love to hear from you!