Ascendancy I.M believes in educating our Clients to the fullest extent on our complete line of business services. We drill down in great detail as to how our marketing strategies are designed to benefit our clients on a local basis where most business actually takes place.  We educate our clients with tried, trued,  real life examples utilizing our complete line of services, maximizing the impact of our Internet Marketing Services to drive new revenues to their bottom line.

Our training resources include Webinars, One-on-One consultations, and Live Group Training Sessions. Below is a snapshot of our current training resources that can be conveniently accessed at any time. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a live in-office training session we are available to schedule onsite services at your location.  Please call or email us to answer any questions or should we be of further service to you in any way!

We hope you find these resources useful and hope that they enable you to enhance your online presence to gain maximum success!


Ascendancy I.M. Best Practices Infographic

Online Marketing Bootcamp

In the Ascendancy I.M. Online Marketing Bootcamp webinar, we drill into the specific processes that make your business stand out from your competition on the web. We guide you through exactly what pain points need addressing, which tools you should use to monitor them, and how best to market your company to the right market with a simple combination of time and know-how.

The “Do’s, Don’ts, & How To’s” of Online Marketing

Online Training Sessions: Internet Marketing Webinars

In Ascendancy I.M. two-part Online Marketing Success Training Series, we take a look at the overall 30,000 ft view of our services and offer knowledge to implement a few best practices in order for our team to better serve you in making your first-rate, professional online presence stand out from your competition and receive the brand recognition and sales numbers that you and your hard-working teams deserve.

WIN ON THE WEB: Unleash Your Online Potential

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WHAT THEY’RE SEARCHING FOR: How to be Found on the Web

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