For some business professionals, Twitter can seem like a distant and unfamiliar planet. If you find yourself attempting to navigate this foreign landscape with no sense of direction, you are in luck to have landed here! Below are five super simple ways to increase your Twitter reach and impression for your business:

  1. Optimize your profile. Optimizing your Twitter profile with a nice header image and a complete profile full of relevant information about your business will be vital to increasing your presence. It is especially important to fill out the bio section and to make sure your name is complete and directly represents your business.
  1. Follow locals. Search your location and surrounding locations then follow other local businesses. Most likely, others will begin to follow you back, which in turn, can cause a chain reaction of followers and thus increase your content reach.
  1. “Like” relevant tweets. Let’s say you own a hair salon. A great way to accomplish gaining presence on Twitter would be to look up #Salon or #HairSalon and “like” all the relevant tweets you possibly could. Most of the time, people will take notice to this and follow you back if they’re also interested in hair salons…or whatever your business is.
  1. RT, RT, RT. In the Twitter world, a retweet (abbreviated RT) is how information can be spread like wildfire. If you notice a tweet gaining a lot of retweets, and it is relevant to your business, you need to retweet it…now!

Getting started with these four ways to increase your Twitter presence will set your business up for Twitter success. Twitter can be scary for some because of its initial unfamiliarity. However, once you get the hang of the platform, you will be shooting for the stars…or likes!

The Takeaway

Twitter is a great way to get your business’s message out, short and sweet style. When used the right way, it’s amazing what you will be able to accomplish on the platform. If you haven’t used Twitter for your business before, don’t fret! Now is the time more than ever to explore the platform and its potential benefits. Not only is it simple, it also can be fun!