emotion-based-campaignsWith Valentine’s Day right around the corner, emotions are fluttering all around – some happy, some sad, some just annoyed with the whole ordeal. Whether or not you will be cuddled up with your significant other or indulging in a night for yourself – you know you’ve seen the advertisements and campaigns all over the place with deals and steals so you can find that perfect gift for whomever it may be.

Why are Valentine’s Day Campaigns so successful in today’s e-commerce market? It’s simple, with this day brings lots of emotions and no matter the emotions you feel – there is a product, service or business out there that is engaging you by making those emotional ties to you through their content.

In order to build powerful relationships with your customers, you must understand how emotional reactions toward your content are the driving force behind consumer response. Internal emotions can drive external reactions in people. Understanding the basis of the human brain’s four basic emotional responses and reactions are fundamental to the success of a great marketer.

This infographic from Microsoft, explains these four emotional responses and the reactions they perpetuate in an average consumer here:

  • Happiness: Makes us want to share with others
  • Sadness: Helps us connect and empathize with brand and content
  • Fear/Surprise: Makes us desperate for something to cling to
  • Anger/Disgust: Makes us more stubborn

If you are able to identify your target audience and understand them on a subconscious level, incorporating appropriate emotional triggers for your market into your content will drive more solid consumer advocacy, response, and interaction with your brand, thereby amplifying your business’s sales and exposure.

To find out more about the science of conveying emotional content to increase your bottom line, tap or click on the infographic below.



The Takeaway

As science continues to advance rapidly, it is finally giving us the ability to have a better understanding the ways emotions tend to affect consumers’ reactions to brand awareness and online marketing content – which can prove to be an indispensable asset when put to it’s appropriate use.


Has your business been able to accurately identify your target audiences and relate to them by their subconscious needs and desires? If so, we would love to hear which emotional triggers you have incorporated into your content for your business to increase your bottom line and make your content more successful for your industry or niche! Let us know in the comments section below. We look forward to reading them!